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The phenomenon of contradiction has always intrigued the human mind. We cannot accept something to be true and false at the same time. This was formally recognized by Aristotle through the law of contradiction. In almost all disciplines and a very large part of our day-to-day living, we take the law of contradiction for granted. This makes it very difficult for us to explore the world of contradiction itself, and prevent us from exploring that part of our consciousness where, at least
potentially, opposites can co-exist. I believe this issue today is not just of philosophical or spiritual significance but has a very strong pragmatic dimension in all spheres of our lives. However the focus in this paper is on the world of management and organization; primarily because of the author’s greater familiarity with that context. Also the corporate world today has come to acquire a position of pre-eminence in terms of power and influence vis-à-vis the rest of human society. This is evidenced in the growing power of multinational corporations particularly vis-à-vis nation states and the rest of human society. Thus the organization of today is no longer just a recipient of the larger human context but in fact is also shaping this larger context.

By Ashok Malhotra

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