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The EUM Framework and tools are a powerful combination. Together they provide a valuable lens for understanding self and the system on a variety of dimensions that touch and shape our lives.

Areas where EUM is used

The EUM framework is versatile. It has been used to address a variety of needs. Prominent are:

Personal Growth

Every person is a dynamic configuration of multiple elements. However, this dynamicity gets blocked by frozen patterns of feelings, thought and action. Understanding these patterns enables the hidden potentials to surface and actualize. Self- Reflexivity is critical in this process. This is why all EUM reports are geared towards aiding this process. They can become powerful ways for helping the individual recognize these patterns, enhance self-reflexivity and discover new action choices.

Team Effectiveness

Deploying the EUM framework and tools helps a team discover and value each member’s propensities and the context that can bring out their best. Simultaneously, it enables the team to gain insight into its collective processes, the psychological roles played by different members, and their impact on individual and collective performance.

Role Effectiveness

EUM enhances ‘elbow room’ for the individual and facilitates ‘role making’ rather than ‘role taking’. Roles emerge from the interplay between the individual and their context, and carry a wide range of possibilities. EUM enables the individual to see multiple forces within the self as also in the context making for role effectiveness.

Leadership Development

The essence of leadership lies in dealing with seemingly opposite forces. These polarities need to be ‘co- held’ rather than being polarized or balanced. With its emphasis on simultaneity, EUM helps the individual to see their preferred ways of dealing with the conflicts and dilemmas inherent in leadership, the likely impact on the context and new possibilities that they can explore.

Assessment, Competency mapping and Hiring support

A EUM-based assessment serves as both: a developmental input for the individual and also areas of exploration for hiring or selection. Context is critical. The emphasis is on understanding how a competency will come alive or remain dormant in an individual. Thus it offers significant insights about people, energizing or stressful contexts, and how they are likely to deal with different situations.

Organization Culture and Transformation

Deploying the EUM-O and building a candid dialogue amongst the leadership team on the key patterns of culture, various aspects of business and the external world is a powerful intervention to initiate a collective process of change and organization transformation. The EUM-I is used in tandem to gauge the collective energies and orientations towards change.

A EUM profile: A point-in-time portrait

The EUM profile of the individual / organization provides a point-in-time portrait of the following:

  • “Who am I? (Who are we?)
  • How am I different from the world and how do i feel about it? (How are we from other organizations and how so we feel about it?)
  • How strong is the need for change, what is driving it, and in what directions?
  • Dilemmas and stresses the individual / organization is likely to experience

The building blocks in working with a EUM-I of an individual / EUM-O of an organization


Explicit and unarticulated needs, values, orientations


Nature of relationship with the context and its implications


Likely blocks, dilemmas and stresses experienced


Impetus and direction for change sought.


Beneficial and restraining aspects of the prevalent organization culture


Nature of the organization’s interface with its environment; How much it is in sync or not, and its implications


Facets of the organization that are perhaps ignored or disowned


Indicated directions for change

EUM-I and O in conjunction

The EUM-I and EUM-O are used both on a stand-alone basis and in conjunction with each other.

At the individual level, the respondent’s EUM-O indicates the picture of the organization ‘in the mind’. The collective EUM-O presents the larger organizational context. It represents the context in which the person expresses self, performs and relates.

In an executive coaching context, working with the individual’s EUM-I and EUM-O patterns in tandem can help explore the alignment between the individual and her context very meaningfully and how to enhance or reshape this.

Working with a group: Collective EUM-O and EUM-I

The collective EUM-O presents a view of the prevalent culture, the enabling and inhibiting forces that may impact the change directions sought and key issues the organization needs to confront. The collective EUM-I gives an insight into the collective psyche – the priorities and pre-occupations that engage the energies of the collective.

Putting together the hypotheses from the EUM-O and EUM-I for the leadership team sets the ground for a rich dialogue on desired direction, the readiness for change, and strategizing the path ahead.

Wish to deploy the EUM I and / or EUM-O in your organization? We can work out a suitable plan that meets your needs.


While non-prescriptive, the EUM reports offer meaningful pointers for next steps, a fresh start, and a departure from familiar patterns, or simply what knots may need to be undone for a release or movement. Recurring themes from people who have accessed their reports have been “My report even spoke of things very few people had just an inkling of”, and “I felt understood, I came away clearer about where I was stuck, and what I needed to do”, or “it captures my / our reality accurately.”

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Useful where the need is to have a quick view of the inner world from which action springs – the world of pride, conflict, distress, evocations, and more.

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Valuable in exploring how dilemmas and polarities inherent in the leadership role and process are engaged with, among other things

Customised report, please check delivery time when ordering.

Has immediate relevance to a work context, more specifically one’s orientations towards different facets of managerial roles.

Customised report, please check delivery time when ordering.

Addresses the need to deepen self-understanding – the forces shaping behaviour patterns, areas of comfort and challenge, and more.

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Serves a coach best by highlighting what coaching strategies are likely to work best, given the coaching client’s EUM profile.

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This report provides some insights about how you relate to your organisation and to suggest actions / areas of exploration that may help in enriching this relatedness.

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This report maps the identity of the organisation including its culture, strategy, day to day functioning and how it may deal with different dilemmas. It also provides some insights into future possibilities and the issues that it may need to address.

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What excites me most about using EUM as a coach is the idea of the individual as part of a system and vice-versa and the dynamic nature of this relationship.

Bhargavi RamachandranExecutive & Peak Performance Coach

I would recommend EUM very strongly to both individuals and organizations that want to engage in deeper work around their identity. To put it mildly, this is enlightenment in the modern age.

Anand Ganesh

EUM met my requirements as I was not looking to just understand personality types or different categories where an individual can be boxed but was looking for something more dynamic with an assumption that the people are evolving, and their personalities change with the time and context.

Anamika KansalProfessional Coach & Mentor ICF- PCC, Senior Practitioner, EMC

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