About Us: The Company

We are Reflexive Lenses Consulting Private Limited (RLCPL), a consulting company that facilitates team dialogue and alignment, organization culture diagnostics and change, and professional development of leaders.

RLCPL: Consulting services

  • Strategizing and team alignment.
  • Culture change and transformation
  • Integration processes in an M&A context.
  • Institutionalising Values
  • Exploring Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Top Management / Leadership team retreats
  • Life / Executive coaching

The Founder – Directors are practicing organisation development consultants with a consulting focus on organisation culture, leadership development, capacity building, facilitation of team reflection and dialogue, and executive coaching. They are trained in a variety of tools and use them with frameworks that are contextually relevant.

The company, started in 2018, is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

RLCPL and the EUM

RLCPL deploys its proprietary Existential Universe mapper (EUM) framework and tools such as EUM-I and EUM-O in consulting, and supports individual and organisational clients with incisive reports that enable self – reflection, dialogue, and action forged from conviction.

RLCPL also offers training and certification in the use of these EUM tools for professionals in consulting, coaching and organisation development.

EUM tools are administered through an online application, RLCPL offers thematically designed automated interpretive reports and also customised reports based on client needs.

If you would like to explore how RLCPL can partner your organization in addressing organization and leadership development in this era of uncertainty and disruptive change, get in touch.

Meet the team

CEO and Director

Sarbari Gomes

Sarbari is the Chief Executive Officer and Director, RLCPL. She works with organizations on in the areas of Gender, Diversity and Leadership, Organisation Diagnostics and Culture Study, Leadership Behaviour and Development and Executive Coaching.

Sarbari is the current Director of the Internship in Process Work and of the Gender and Diversity Lab of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context. She is an Associate Coach with the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) as well as a Principal Consultant with Totally Aligned Organization (TAO).

Sarbari is an accredited Executive Coach with ICF (PCC), a certified practitioner of EUM Suits of Tools, Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B, Workplace Big Five, and is a certified Psycho-therapist.
Sarbari loves travelling, to sing Hindustani Classical Music, Languages, Blogging and Connecting with people. She resides in Bengaluru.


Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and is currently pursuing an executive doctorate from ISB Hyderabad. Gagandeep consults with organisations on managing change, alignment, and culture. He anchors interventions on leadership building and coaching. His interests span from group dynamics, process work, to organisation identity and transformation.

When he is not teaching or consulting he is researching on social and hybrid enterprises. His passion for teaching has meant being a visiting faculty at IIM Ahmedabad for the past 10 years apart from stints at ISB and INSEAD. He is also a co-founder of Turn The Bus India Foundation that is leveraging technology, education and livelihood offerings for the poor and disenfranchised. He often partners with an EdTech firm known as GlobalGyan.

Gagandeep is a fellow with Sumedhas Academy of Process work. He has co-authored a book “Organization Development & Alignment – The Tensegrity Mandala Framework” (SAGE)
Gagandeep is a Director with RLCPL.

Author EUM Framework & Director

Ashok Malhotra

Ashok is the author of the EUM Framework, an IIM-A alumnus, and an Organization Consultant based out of Bengaluru. Ashok is the mast-head of Reflexive Lenses and the Principal Founding Member.

Ashok is a researcher at heart, a gifted teacher and communicator, an insightful observer of human processes, and a consultant who facilitates organic evolution of organizations.

He is also one of the Founder members of Sumedhas, Academy for Human Context and a Director on the Boards of many Indian companies.He consults on change management and and Transformation, Leadership Development (assessment, workshops and coaching), Inclusion and Diversity, and Process Consulting.

In addition to several papers of academic and general interest, Ashok has authored two books - "Child Man - The Selfless Narcissist” and “Indian Managers and Organizations – Boons and Burdens, both published by Routledge.

The second book is based on the EUM data collected over the years, and provides insights from the meta-analysis. It also explicates the EUM Framework.


Abhay Phadnis

Abhay, an alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, is a Chennai-based Coach and Consultant Abhay works with organisations in areas like Building Leadership Capacity, Managing Change, Culture-building, and Team Coaching. His work with individuals encompasses Executive Coaching, Development Planning, and Psychometric and Competency Assessment.

Prior to becoming a Consultant, Abhay has worked in the corporate world for over two decades, playing roles in general management, HR, and business management. His last corporate stint was as CEO of a Consulting and BPO company.

He has been involved with the development of the EUM framework and for over 20 years and has used it extensively in his work with both individuals and organisations.

He is a Director on the Board of RLPCL.

Beyond work, Abhay is passionate about cryptic crosswords, Urdu poetry, Hindustani classical music, Hindi film music, cooking, and detective fiction.


K S Narendran

Narendran, an Alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai has been an organisation consultant in the area of people development, organisation culture and managing change for about two decades. He is also a trained process facilitator. His prior managerial experience spans Factory personnel management, Management development, corporate Human Resources and Organization Development.

He has been intimately associated with the EUM’s development from its early days, and has applied the framework and tools in one-on-one work for personal and professional development, and in organizational settings with numerous clients for organization assessment and change.

He is a Director on the Board of RLCPL.

He is also Fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context, an institution dedicated to facilitating self- reflection, enhancing self-awareness and training for process facilitation in groups.

Consulting and Technology Partners

Consulting Partner


Holonix Leadership is a USA based professional services firm with deep expertise in leadership and organizational development psychology. Our doctoral level team of practitioners include thought leaders in psychological safety, executive coaching and presence, interpersonal communication, team dynamics, organization transformation, inclusive and remote workforce, and neuroleadership. Our signature evidence-based programs result in positive change for our clients. Holonix excels at helping human systems thrive. We see all systems as holographic, with the whole embedded in each part. With this foundation for our work, we ensure that as our client leaders thrive so do their organizations. Our evidence-based methodology is informed by our experience as executive leaders, 25+ years of organization consulting and experiential training design and facilitation, and ours and others’ research. We assess leaders, teams and whole systems quickly and accurately to get at the root causes that then guide intervention. We use our expertise in organizational and leadership psychology to address our client’s unique needs versus taking a one size fits all approach. Collaborating with leaders and their teams to increase capacity and build in sustainability is our hallmark.

Holonix is a preferred accredited global provider of certifications including Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organization Scan, Structural Dynamics Baseline Instrument, The Authentic Presence Inventory self and 360, the bMap, and Neuroleadership Development Coaching. Our corporate clients include John’s Hopkins, Harvard Business School, Refugee Dream Center, Action Against Hunger, Definitive Healthcare, and Bose among others. We are known for our excellence in training and coaching individual leaders, executive coaches and practitioners to ensure they excel.

Tech Partner

MobileFirst Applications

Flexible, agile & experienced technology development team.

We are a product development partner for your software or digital product. MobileFirst partners with startups, agencies and accelerators. We help plan, develop & maintain web, mobile & eCommerce apps.

We specialise in SportsTech, FinTech, eCommerce & Wellness technology development.