Become part of a dedicated community

A vibrant community of Certified EUM practitioners who deploy the EUM tools in their consulting and coaching work with individuals and organziations.

Becoming a Certified EUM practitioner is a first step towards joining the community fo EUM practitioners.

The EUM Certification process entails the following:

Completing the Certification process equips you with a working understanding of the framework and the ability to work with clients using one or more of the reports available. The schedule of certification progams is available in the calendar.

Attending pre-workshop webinars


Completing post-Workshop assessment

Participation in the certification workshop


Dialogue with faculty post assessment

Once you join the EUM community -

You are entitled to:


Three free Self-Exploration reports you can deploy in your work with clients in the first 6 months after completing certification requirements.

Workshops & Webinars

• Enrol for the EUM-Advanced workshop that is offered from time to time. • Deploy the framework, the tools and the reports with clients. • Free webinars are offered periodically on EUM, the reports and its applications.


• Access trainers running the Certification workshops for consultations • Access to discussion forums through Whatsapp, e-groups, and other electronic media • Access to learning videos, presentations and other artefacts to deepen your learning and support your practice.


• Rebates on fee if repeating the certification workshop as a refresher. • Rebates on events organised by Reflexive Lenses Consulting and EUM-themed co-laterals, merchandise. etc made available by the company.

Concessional Fees

Concessional fees for family members and referrals who are self-sponsored, attending paid webinars and workshops offered.

You are encouraged to:


Share your EUM application experience with the community of EUM practitioners – contracting, success stories, glitches and difficulties, client feedback, experiments and innovations, etc.


Review / reflect yourself, immediate context and the world at large from time to time through the EUM lens and share your perspectives and insights


Volunteer to co-train with the trainers in EUM Certification workshops, and more broadly, to participate in events, research and market outreach efforts related to the EUM.


Coordinate / anchor EUM based webinars and other events in consultation with others in the community

Join in

Join in with your ideas and suggestions to expand the community of EUM practitioners and the usage of the EUM framework and reports for personal, professional and organization development.

Learning Opportunities for EUM Practitioners

Advanced EUM workshop

This workshop is open to certified EUM practitioners. It is intensive, and explores nuances in the score patterns of EUM-I, the inter-universe dynamics, fusion and slitting of Universes, shadows, working with and adjective pairs. It is offered twice a year

Self – System simultaneity and role taking in Systems

The workshop offers an introduction to the EUM framework for understanding individuals and Systems, Participants explore the Relationship between their orientations and systemic features, patterns of role taking and membership, new choices to fulfil untapped potential and contribute meaningfully to the system using the EUM-I and EUM-O together. Participants also examine how this learning can be extended to work with clients on their role taking in systems. It is offered twice a year


Webinars are offered regularly to serve a variety of purposes: as a curtain raiser to the Certification workshop, generate a deeper and expansive understanding of each Universe (for members of the EUM community) and enhance clarity on the design, construction and application of specific reports

*Reflexive Lenses Consulting reserves the right to set out conditions for retention of certification, membership of the EUM community forums and privileges accorded as a member of the community.