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Coacharya Coaching Colloquium

The trend in corporate coaching is to align individual coaching with teams/corporate objectives in a systemic process. Traditional reductionist psychometrics are not enough for this purpose. In addition to assessment for individual personalities, it is important to establish the connect of the individual with the context. Techniques like 360 degree help in assessing how the individual is perceived by his/her important stakeholders, but this may not help in understanding how the context is held in the minds of the individual.

The EUM (Existential Universal Mapping) framework has been inspired both by Clare Graves’ theory of Levels of Existence as also principles of Indian philosophy and psychology. EUM does not slot the individual into a frozen category and attempts to focus on how various parts of the individual are engaged with the context. It can therefore, simultaneously address the individual, team and the organization to provide a systemic perspective to the coaching process.

The Colloquium is an opportunity to understand the basic principles of the EUM framework as well as how it is being deployed in individual assessment, leadership coaching and organization development.

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