Areas where EUM is used

Personal growth &  Development

The central premise of our approach is that Self is not an object to be worked upon, corrected and improved. Every person is a dynamic configuration of multiple elements. However, this dynamicity gets blocked by frozen patterns of feelings, thought and action. Release from these patterns enables the hidden potentials to surface and actualize. Self- Reflexivity is critical in this process. Hence all EUM reports are geared towards aiding this process. In the hands of a life coach, they can become powerful ways for helping the individual recognize these patterns, enhance self-reflexivity and discover new action choices.

Team Effectiveness

Our central premise is that teams are not just functional arrangements but also human collectives which provide emotional infrastructure to the members. Therefore, how members of a team experience and relate to each other at a “human level” is of utmost importance. Deploying the EUM framework and tools helps a team discover and value each member’s propensities and the context that can bring out their best. Simultaneously, it enables the team to gain insight into its collective processes, the psychological roles played by different members, and their impact on individual and collective performance.

Role effectiveness

Our central premise is that Roles emerge from the interplay between the individual and her context. Thus roles and competencies associated with them are not frozen but carry a wide range of possibilities. EUM with its emphasis on plurality enables the individual to see multiple forces within the self as also in the context. This enhances “elbow room” for the individual and facilitates “role making” rather than just “role taking”.

Leadership development

Our central premise is that the essence of leadership lies in dealing with seemingly opposite forces. These polarities need to be “co- held”rather than being polarized or balanced.With its emphasis on simultaneity, EUM helps the individual to see her preferred ways of dealing with the conflicts and dilemmas which are inherent in the execise of leadership, the likely impact on the context and what could be new possibilities that she can explore.

Assesment, Competency mapping and Hiring support Hiring support

Our central premise is that Context is of critical importance in assessment of individuals. The Competencies are far too complex and context dependent to be reduced to a simplistic construct and a quantitative measure. In EUM, the emphasis is on understanding how a competency will come alive or remain dormant in an individual. Thus it offers significant insights about people, the contexts in which they are likely to feel energized or stressed,and how they are likely to deal with different situations. A EUM based assessment is both a developmental input for the individual and also suggests areas of exploration for hiring /selection decisions.

Organization Culture and Transformation

Our central premise is that Identity precedes Strategy. Like all living systems, every organization evolves a distinct identity which is reflected in its engagement with various stakeholders. EUM maps this identity both in terms of the “current state” and the “desired state” Deploying the EUM-O and building a candid dialogue amongst the leadership team on the key patterns of culture, various aspects of business and the external world is a powerful intervention to initiate a collective process of change and organization transformation. The EUM-I is used in tandem to gauge the collective energies and orientations towards change.

Tailor made Applications

EUM is a versatile framework. Its deployment can be easily customized to suit different needs. Some examples of this are Couple’s counselling, Mentoring relationships, Facilitating Transformation, Gender dynamics, Diversity and Inclusion etc.