EUM Reports

The EUM Framework and tools are a powerful combination, and together provide a valuable lens for self – understanding on a variety of dimensions that touch and shape our lives: personal and professional. EUM based reports cast a sharp eye on reality as experienced by the respondent


Managerial Orientation THROUGH THE EUM LENS

Managerial Orientation through the EUM Lens

Work spaces entail dealing with a variety of people and systems, making decisions, dealing with conflicts and confronting the requirements of an ever- changing environment. This report (earlier referred to as the Thematic report) indicates the respondent’s likely orientations to these themes and points out possible derailers to role effectiveness given the person’s EUM – I configuration.

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Leadership Quality

self exploration and coaching facilitation THROUGH THE EUM LENS

Self Exploration and Coaching Facilitation through EUM Lens

In addition to the Self- Exploration section for the Client, the Coaching Facilitation section tells the Coach about the Client's likely orientation to each Universe viz. action choices, behaviour, conflicts and dilemmas, as well as the client's orientation towards the coaching process. It also has a set of Trigger Questions to aid the coaching process.

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Self Awareness-1


Self Exploration through the EUM Lens

This report provides an understanding of the individual’s orientation in each of the universes and offers preliminary hypotheses on its impact on the behavioural patterns. It also offers the areas of comfort and challenge and the ways in which the individual is likely to be perceived by others.

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Leadership Orientation through EUM Lens

Leadership Orientation through EUM Lens

This report indicates the individual’s orientation towards three leadership dimensions i.e. task, people and self. It also provides insights into how the individual engages with the dilemmas and polarities which are inherent in the leadership role and process.

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organization identity through EUM lens

Organization Identity through EUM Lens

Starting with the premise that all organizations are living entities and have a distinct identity, this report maps this identity through the configuration of the different EUM universes. It also offers insights on how this identity is likely to manifest itself in day to day functioning and interfaces with stakeholders.

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eum snapshot through EUM Lens

Eum Snapshot through EUM Lens

This report focuses on the inner world of the respondent from which all action springs. At the core, what are the contents of stress and conflict, of pride and distress, of evocation and inspiration? The report dwells on these and more.

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