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The EUM-O helps map the organization identity / culture. The tool’s premise and construction is similar to the EUM-I.

A Universe configuration map of the organization emerges from the EUM-O responses. This is usually from a select set of organization members. Hypotheses about the organization’s realities, aided by the EUM-O report, becomes raw material for a leadership / team dialogue. Such a dialogue with the EUM-O can be valuable to:

  • Bring to the open certain facets of the organization that are ignored, withheld, deflected or disowned.
  • Take stock of the beneficial and restraining aspects of the prevalent organization culture.
  • Examine the nature of the organization’s interface with its environment, how much it is in sync or not and its implications.
  • Strategize the way, forward in terms of organization design, culture, processes and initiatives.

Working with the EUM-I and O in conjunction:

At the individual level, the a respondent’s EUM-O indicates the picture of the organization ‘in the mind’ that the person engages with. It represents the context in which the person expresses self, performs and relates.

This then helps in exploring the extent of alignment of the individual (through the EUM-I) with the organization (as indicated in the EUM-O).

This exploration facilitated by a coach, enables a better appreciation of the self and the context, as also the possibilities for a more meaningful equilibrium between the two.