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The EUM – I

The tool is deceptively simple and easy to use.

It relies on the fact that words have multiple meanings which mirror the play of one or more Universes in the respondent. Thus, based on the responses to the tool, the individual’s Universe configuration is constructed.

The EUM-I maps self – perception, the ‘wished for’ self and how the individual views people at large. This is significant:

  • It underscores the dynamic nature of the individual.
  • It underlines the significance of the context in the individual’s notions about who she is and who she should be.

An individual’s EUM – I map allows for a range of hypotheses for a variety of purposes. At present, these are offered through interpretive reports that are self-explanatory.

However, the value of the EUM-I map and reports is significantly enhanced through a dialogue with trained EUM practitioners who are well – versed in the nuances of interpretation and offering feedback in a sensitive and empathetic manner.


Working with the EUM-I and O in conjunction:

At the individual level, the a respondent’s EUM-O indicates the picture of the organization ‘in the mind’ that the person engages with. It represents the context in which the person expresses self, performs and relates.

This then helps in exploring the extent of alignment of the individual (through the EUM-I) with the organization (as indicated in the EUM-O).

This exploration facilitated by a coach, enables a better appreciation of the self and the context, as also the possibilities for a more meaningful equilibrium between the two.