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EmPact is an offering that rests on the EUM framework and explores the nature and strength of the interface between the organization and its members. It’s essential premise is that the organization context, the collective psyche of the membership and the leadership influence each other and shape the ‘pact’, the psychological contract - between the employee and the organisation. Each is a vector that strengthens or diminishes a ‘pact’, and collectively some pacts may be reinforced or diffused.

EmPact maps the six ‘pacts’ and facilitates a dialogue amongst key organization leaders on the implications of the operative ‘pacts’ and their relative strengths. The ‘pacts’ are:

  1. The ‘Tribal’ pact 
  2. The ‘Nomadic’ pact
  3. The ‘Agrarian’ pact
  4. The ‘Marketplace’ pact 
  5. The ‘Ecological’ pact
  6. The ‘Holistic’ pact

The process entails depth interviews, an elaborate ‘listening exercise’ using classical survey and statistical tools, and the use of the EUM-I and the EUM-O. The vast array of data is processed to separate noise from the collective’s wisdom and to decode the various pacts that inform the employee – organisation interface. It helps in identification of potent restlessness in the systems i.e. issues which are likely to inspire and evoke energy among members.The leadership dialogue structured around the various analytical outputs is crucial to examine the implications of the pacts’ configuration and the way forward.